About the NCDC

The Nineteenth Century Digital Cooperative (NCDC) is a Digital Edition Publishing Cooperative funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. The NCDC is hosted by the Kentucky Historical Society, and consists of three initial partner projects:

The Civil War Governors of Kentucky Digital Documentary Edition

The Frederick Douglass Papers

The Papers of Abraham Lincoln

The mission of the NCDC is to create an aggregated body of named historical figures, with associated metadata and biographies—some well-known but most not—referenced in the corpuses of the member editions. Bringing together born-digital and print editions as well as making room for other digital or digitized biographical data sets which are not based in edited texts, the NCDC would enhance the power and reach of digital editions working on nineteenth century U.S. topics—both increasing the efficiency of editorial production and facilitating user access to the editions.

As envisioned, the biographical corpus created by the cooperative would be internally accessible among the partner projects as they complete their work, and it would also be externally accessible as a research platform in its own right. The public-facing side of this cooperative would be an open-access, nineteenth century adaptation of the People of the Founding Era model, which would allow users a single point of entry into the resources of each partner project. With a slate of digital research tools in its own right, NCDC would allow teachers, students, and researchers to search, filter, and visualize data and to find new connections between people whose lives connected across the growing and dividing United States in unexpected and intellectually promising ways.